This man asked for ketchup…you can’t imagine what happened next!!!

Fresh Wingreens Tomato Salsa

A man, not a rich man but a poor man, walks in to a restaurant and sits down. Let’s call him Mr. Man. All the servers seem confused and contemplated executing the ‘right to refuse service’ law. However Mr. Man, after incessantly taking care of his few belongings, calls upon a waiter and asks for a plate of fries. The waiter reluctantly brings it to him, and Mr. Man proceeds to raise a request, “Can I have some ketchup to go with this?” A look of shock and awe ensues upon this waiter. Dumbfounded as he was, he says, “I’ll be right back sir” and walks over to the back office. Mr. Man, now more confused than ever, is soon greeted by the manager of the restaurant who says, “I’m sorry sir, but I’m afraid I have to ask you to leave”. Mr Man begs the obvious question, “Why? I may be poor but I have money to pay for this I assure you”. The manager, now more stern than before, “Sir, you must leave this restaurant immediately. We don’t serve your kind here.” Mr. Man feels subjected to the superiority complex of this snooty manager and his classist waiters, and leaves. 

The manager walks back in to his office and calls an emergency staff meeting. All waiters, bus boys and janitors proceed to go in to the office with a stench of nervousness lingering over them. The manager is silent for some time, and then begins to tell everyone, “Whoever forgot to put up the ‘SALSA ONLY’ sign is fired!”



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